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Jin- There’s one thing that surprised me. Because Hobi can get along with everyone and is also bright and positive, I never thought he would have one of those moments. It seemed like we had something in common.

kwon being the cutie he is while dancing on tiny-g’s ‘ice baby

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Myungsoo with plaid shirt 

myungsoo: (about his high school teacher) she was someone who believed in my dream. really.. i still respect her a lot even now. because how did she.. when other people said no I couldn’t, she was the only one that told me ‘you can do it’.



i want namjoon to rap me a bedtime story

*namjoon rapping voice* “ha ha once upon a time i beat the pussy up”

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140727 방탄소년단 for MCM BUZZ interview at RWeL8? Fanmeet in Berlin


interview here




Bangtan Boys are a group of young men with some amazing talents ranging from rapping, dancing and singing. Consisting of members Jin, Rapmonster, Suga, J-hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook, they created a whole new generation of Korean hip-hop music and their own combination of old-school…

"After our schedule! I take the time we’re not practicing to exercise.. At the very end of the video… what did I say!? Put the words together and try to guess…hehe" | ©

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My little sister, Ciara, entered a Vocal audition! If you like what you hear/see then please give her a thumbs up! Thank you ❤❤❤

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